When We Dead Awaken performance is one of its latest achievements.

The activities of Beyn Theater Group are arranged into different projects. Each project includes one main performance, a number of subsidiary performances, expeditions and special musical and physical studies.

the outspread discoveries through rehearsals and performances determined us to run a project beyond the performance (the DeadProject). The DeadProject is a basis for the group to have deeper and organized researches on achievement of "When We Dead Awaken". These achievement are divided into two parts:

Form: Studying the potentials of pre-performances as links between rehearsals and the main performance was a prominent achievement. The group also experienced deeper achievements by focusing on vocal and verbal aspects in "When We Dead Awaken".

Content: Confrontation between human and death is somehow the confrontation between human and life. If death determines the borders of our lives, then studying these borders leads us to a deeper perception of life's qualities. These confrontation between human and death is notable in human behaviors, words and voices. We, as a theatre group and only up to abilities of a theatre group, are attempting to study these aspects in human behavior. And we ask you to accompany us in this journey.