The project, using the exchange technique, examines the state of contemporary human being in the face of the increasing prevalence of violence, act against its causes and its results.


And/Or/Pro/methe is one of its latest achievements.

Beyn’s current project, is started in October 2016 to study contemporary human being’s ways of facing the growing violence in the world we are living now. Wars, abuses as well as killings are all different forms of the violence and are at the center of our concerns. Violence is profoundly influencing human beings’ lives and is causing unavoidable disorders. A distinctive meaning for human beings as divine creatures with moral values doesn’t exist anymore, or at least not in this world.

Causes and results of types of violence has made such a deep disorder and effect in contemporary human’s life as if violence has come to a shape of destiny and it looks like there isn't any alternative available to get rid of it, but another world may be!