Previous main performances

Hafez Hall – Iran – 2017

International Fadjr Theater Festival – Iran – 2015


Jury special award for “When We Dead Awaken” – International Fadjr Theater Festival

Nominee for Best Actor for “When We Dead Awaken” – International Fadjr Theater Festival

Nominee for Best Make-Up for “When We Dead Awaken” – International Fadjr Theater Festival

When We Dead Awaken

When We Dead Awaken, is an adaptation from Henrik Ibsen "When We Dead Awaken". The rehearsals started on August 2013 and final production showed on September 2014 for 30 nights. The group has formed around a special performative idea in 2009 and this performance is in perfect accordance with the essence of that idea. The rehearsals inspired Beyn Theatre Group to start two new experiences:

Pre-performances: a collection of single performances to make an atmosphere to test the material we reached through rehearsals which finally are going to be used in our final performance. Pre-performances are improvisations based on a decided idea. The things that happened in our pre-performances formed some scenes of final performance.

The DeadProject: the outspread discoveries through rehearsals and performances determined us to run a project beyond the performance (the DeadProject). The DeadProject is a basis for the group to have deeper and organized researches on achievement of "When We Dead Awaken". These achievement are divided into two parts:

Form: Studying the potentials of pre-performances as links between rehearsals and the main performance was a prominent achievement. The group also experienced deeper achievements by focusing on vocal and verbal aspects in "When We Dead Awaken".

Content: Confrontation between human and death is somehow the confrontation between human and life. If death determines the borders of our lives, then studying these borders leads us to a deeper perception of life's qualities. These confrontation between human and death is notable in human behaviors, words and voices. We, as a theatre group and only up to abilities of a theatre group, are attempting to study these aspects in human behavior. And we ask you to accompany us in this journey.